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Park Place Daycare Ltd.
Cancellation of Services Policy

Please be aware that there are certain circumstances where we would need to immediately cancel services. These circumstances are listed below:
  1. If we find that your child needs one to one care. We are not equipped to manage a child that needs one to one care as this takes the teachers attention away from the needs of the group as a whole. The ratio in the room then becomes compromised and the safety of the group then is not as it should be.
  2. If we find that your child is injuring other children around them. We do understand that some children will injure others as they are learning to communicate, but sometimes for whatever reason, this way of communication becomes a situation that is not tolerable.
  3. If we find that your child regularly leaves the safety of the group on purpose and the teacher needs to run after them to keep them safe.
  4. If we find that your child is always going against the rules of the teacher and exhibiting unsafe behavior.
  5. If we find that your child is using profane language on a regular basis.
  6. If we find that exhibiting unusual sexual behavior on themselves or others.
  7. If we find that dealing with the family is putting the front desk people or the caregiver in a situation where they are abused verbally.
  8. If we find that a family is approaching children in our care and verbally abusing them.

We of course will always discuss the above problems with the families before a decision is made.

Please agree below to show that you understand the above policies.

I hereby to have read and agree to all of the above.
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