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Drop Off and Pick Up Policy

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Please notify us in writing or email if someone other than the people listed below will pick up your child. We will need to ask your alternate pick up person for picture ID. Please do not list yourselves again on the list below. WE are unable to release your child from care without the written consent and picture ID.

By placing the names below I authorize the following individuals to pick up my child in case of emergency or on a regular basis.

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All parents and guardians must sign the child in at the child's room when entering the daycare and when leaving. This sign in is required for fire department regulations and must be done.
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Release of a Child

Parents are required to indicate the name and phone number of all authorized individuals who are clear to pick up the child. All parents and/or authorized individuals are to sign-in and sign-out on the provided sheet, each day the child is dropped off and picked up from the daycare. Only persons designated to pick up a child will be allowed to do so. We are so sorry but if we do not recognize you we will ask for picture ID. If we cannot verify the pick-up person we will not be able to release your child to them. Your child will remain here at the center until the legal guardian/parent/person on the pick-up list arrives. In an emergency situation we will accept a phone call/email from the parent/guardian. We may ask you questions to confirm your identity if we do not recognize your voice/email.

Unauthorized Pick Up

The parent/guardian is required to notify the caregiver in writing if someone else, other than the authorized persons, will pick up the child. Please provide name, phone number, and description of the person. The person will be asked to show photo identification. If necessary, police will be called for assistance.

Custody and Related Court Orders

The day care staff cannot become involved in the marital or custody issues of the families that we serve. If a custody or court order exists, a copy of the order needs to be placed in the child's file. The guardian is responsible for providing up to date and accurate information concerning the legal guardianship of the child. Without a custody or court order on file, the caregiver cannot deny access to the non-registering parent. If the non-registering parent is not listed on the pick up list, the policy on unauthorized persons will be implemented. The guardian will provide all consents.

Late Pick-up

The school closes at 6:00. After 6:00 there will be a charge of $1.00 per minute (within reason). If you do not arrive to pick up the Daycare staff will do all they can to contact someone on your pick up list. If we can’t reach anyone by 8:00 we will contact the Ministry of Children and Families Services. We will then leave a note on the door as to the phone number and location of your child.
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