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Park Place Pay Ahead Discount

Would you like to pay ahead and save money on your Daycare fee?

Please read our policy below...

Why we offer a discount on fees...

We offer families an opportunity to pay ahead and save either 8% or 4% on your daycare fees. (Please see the fee schedule attached in the package). This discount, in our opinion, is a great investment for you. I think you will find that this is a better rate than any bank can offer you. This pay ahead option is a way for us to reduce our Book Keeping fees and offers us an opportunity to invest the money.

What happens when the Daycare raises the fees...

You are welcome to receive this discount but, when the fees go up in the new year, January 1st, you will be charged the difference from the old price to the new price. This paying ahead is not a fixed price but simply a discount. We will be unable to hold the previous years price.

What happens if I longer need the Childcare Space and leave the Daycare before my one year or six month fee payment is used up...

If you wish to remove your child from care before one year to six month's (depending on payment choice), the discount will no longer apply on the total amount paid. For example, if you pay in March for one year and leave in November then the fees paid for this time, March to November, will be removed. (Please see the parent contract on how to give notice to leave your space.) Should you wish to retain your discount, you are welcome to leave your money with the Daycare until the 6th month or one year term is up. After the term is up the money will be refunded and you will retain your allotted discount. The discount will only apply to the months your child was in care.

If you do wish to pay ahead, please sign below and include this notice with your payment.

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